Brand-strengthening Program


From Branding Follower to Branding Leader

From its inception, Marki Microwave focused on key technical challenges that face the evolving RF and Microwave industry. Founded in 1991, the company made its mark on the industry by developing the best mixers and grew its portfolio to cover the entire RF block diagram from DC to sub-THz frequencies. With such impressive growth technologically, they were disappointingly stuck with the same branding and brand image as all of their competitors and couldn’t gain traction or stand apart from the crowd. With the help of the Townsend Team, Marki Microwave underwent a complete refresh of their visual and verbal branding which is more reflective of an innovative market leader.

Breakthrough Results

Logo Refresh

The foundation of Marki’s transformation began with the Big Brand Workshop where they embraced the Magician brand personality. With this information, The Townsend Team introduced a bold new color palette featuring magenta and violet blue.

Social Media

To cost effectively reach their customers and create interest and excitement in their industry, The Townsend Team worked with Marki Microwave to create a robust LinkedIn page with regular posts featuring new product releases, trade shows, webinars, press releases and job postings and other HR related posts.

Numbers That Tell a Social Media Success Story

(Data collected from Jan. 2023-Jan 2024. All results are organic)

Trade Show Themes That Get Noticed

Instead of a standard branding approach of simply following company graphic standards, The Townsend Team created attention grabbing themes for Marki’s trade shows. The theme for International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2023 centered on Rock and Roll and was dubbed “The Marki Experience” with the theme line “Performance That Will Blow Your Mind.” The team uniform included custom-designed Vans, t-shirts and a hotel key that looked like a backstage pass.

Ad Campaigns That Make People Do a Double-Take

The Townsend Team skillfully executed on the Magician brand personality with a bold advertising campaign featuring mythical creatures. The headline of the ad campaign cleverly positioned Marki’s technological prowess by stating “Performance That Seems Unreal.” The theme was so well received that some of the imagery was used for trade show pop-ups including a giant unicorn.