Leadership Consulting

Do you want to take an individual or team to the next level?  Are you hoping to effect positive change in your organization?  If so, a custom leadership program may be right for you.

Programs are customized to fit your needs and usually include the following phases:

Phase 1: Assessment

This may include a simple interview with your executive in charge or it could incorporate a 360-degree feedback assessment – gathering personalized, confidential feedback from your manager, peers, directors, and even family and friends.

Phase 2: Action Planning

Based on the goals and feedback identified in Phase 1, you and your leadership coach will shape an Action Plan that will often be a blend of key personal behavioral changes and desired organizational or team outcomes.

Phase 3: Coaching

Together with your leadership coach, you will decide on the format and timing of your coaching session.  They typically last one hour and can either be on the phone or in person. Coaching sessions are designed to help you push towards your Action Plan. During the session, you will be given assignments to ensure a successful process. The scope, depth and length of your coaching process varies based on your needs.

Are you interested in leadership consulting? If so, please ask for a complimentary introductory meeting to ensure that our program is right for you.